Summer Fashion Must-Haves!

While it’s a challenge to narrow down the top five fashion must-haves for summer, we have made the ultimate pick of items that add graceful style, class and flexibility. I love to shop and like most of you, I have to keep within my budget while getting the things that I do like to stay savvy. With this, I have provided some of summer’s mandatory items that I live by and that you can do as well.
Here is my list of summer basics:

1. Handbags
I am so excited when I talk about fashion; especially clothing and handbags. In fact, like most women, I am addicted to handbags. Do you remember the episode of the ‘Sex in the City,’ where one of the cast members, Carrie Bradshaw accepts her addiction to shoes and indicates that this addiction will literally make her the old woman that lived in a shoe? Well, you get the impression of what I am saying, right? A handbag is more than just a piece that you wear only in the summer. However, during the summer, it comes with expanded choices, styles and colors. A white purse is always going to be the usual summer model. In fact, you won’t go wrong with a white purse. You still have an overabundance of intriguing shades to select from. Red and yellow are two of my picks! A clutch this season is a must-have!

2. Sundresses
Nothing makes you feel more relaxed, unruffled, and stylish than putting on a sundress for the summer. They are informal, multipurpose, and not as restrictive as most shorts and skirts. You should try to own a wide range of summer outfits that meet the same criteria as the sundress. Maxis and mini-dresses are ideal. They can come in various colors, fabrics, shapes and fit. At all times, select dresses that are suitable, comfy, and fit all the right curves. Mini-dresses should never be too short and maxi dresses should never be dragging on the floor. They should outline your curves and emphasize your favorite areas. Always remember to accessorize every look with chunky items of jewelry in turquoise and coral colors, amazing sunglasses, and of course, remarkable shoes. For the summer, flip flops and wedges are going to be something for all women. Personalize your outfit by adding your own style and wear clothing that fit!

3. Camp shirts
An excellent trend this summer is going to be the long boyish shorts worn with female tops. To the ensemble, you would add flip flops, high heels or medium heels. A great return and throwback from the fifties and sixties is the camp styled short sleeve shirt. You will discover these shirts in great numbers on the racks of your preferred retail store. Look to see these neat little items in basic colors, as well as countless prints, designs, and stripes.
4. Sunglasses
You don’t wear designer frame eyewear just to protect your eyes from the sun, but also to make a fashion statement. A stylish pair of sunglasses can finish your look and add style to any ensemble. Prudently selected seasonal designer frames will help you to accomplish your trendy look, no matter what the natural elements outside are. Most of this summer’s fashion sunglasses come in various shapes, but the geometric shape is the trend for 2013. You will find bold colors to spruce up your personality and add grace to your style.

5. Hats
Capture the happy-go-lucky feeling of summer with a variety of hats. You will find that perfect hat for your summer vacation, unplanned shopping trips and barbecue in your neighbor’s backyard. Just add some sunscreen to prepare to have fun in the sun. Choose styles that consist of light and ventilated materials fit for warm weather. Choose light colors and hats that offers several possibilities for protection from the sun. There are so many opportunities to sport a new summer hat such as the beach, the pool, a baseball game and the office picnic.
Enjoy Shopping!


“Spring Forward” Fashion for Spring & Summer 2013 – Part 2

Continuing where we left off yesterday, here are more trends for Spring/Summer 2013:

White and White

Also popular for the spring is a white top with a white bottom. You can mix and match with lace and sheer fabrics as well as textures. For a more contemporary look, choose apparel with a little sparkle and shimmer. For example trousers with some sheen or dresses with the same representation are super trendy and will mirror the spring sunlight; creating an amazing success with the male species and women alike.

Floral apparel and more

Remember your floral – always a game changer in the spring time. You can depend on floral this spring and summer – in every kind of outfit imaginable. It sticks and makes you look younger and playful. From flower shapes to bright floral, you will look amazing!

Colors are in for the season; especially aqua and any other ocean-themed colors. You could see it in different color variations on the runway – exquisite gowns, shimmering metallic and taffeta.

Skirts are going to be huge this season; from peplums, pencil, tiers to crinolines. They all appeared on the catwalk. Designer clutch purses have made a comeback too. Most of the runway models donned the hand candy instead of the old arm candy (clutch purse). You can find these in bold prints such as polka dot. Some are shaped in peculiar designs like sunglasses. You don’t have to be a model to carry one because they are affordable.

More Trends

Another color that New York Fashion Week models sported on the runway was neon. Yes, neon; don’t think about neon lights, but neon apparel. They will come in both business attire and youthful styles. Pastels did not go unnoticed either. You could see them in a number of strong outfits as well as swimsuits.

One distinct trend that you couldn’t miss was the peplum fashion statement made on the runways for casual daywear, couture gowns and office wear. Women love peplum because it hides all the physical imperfections. This is likely to be one of the most repetitive and copied style for this year and next year too!  Don’t forget leather! You will see it in tops, shorts and skirts this summer.


Be sure that you include floral in your wardrobe this year – all of the runway fashion designers have included floral in their 2013 fashion collection. This is a sign that floral will be around for a while. Follow all of these trends for the upcoming season and you can’t go wrong!


“Spring Forward” Fashion for Spring & Summer 2013 – Part 1

With retail sales at their highest and winter apparel being removed from the racks, the busy stores are clearing the way for the impending spring collection. The models are gracing the catwalks with some incredible stuff that need a second look. In fact, fashion designers have outdone themselves this time. The good thing is that you get to have a sneak preview of what is to come in the months ahead. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

For spring 2013, you will find simple shapes, but for fabrics and prints, you are going to see bolder! You will find a characteristic 1960’s signature in many dressing rooms during the March and April months.

Checkered patterns are going to be a throwback to years gone by, but this time, it will be bigger and better. Look for these in varied shapes, colors, sizes and shades. You will find monochrome checkered fabric in stores and on the runway more than you ever saw them before. The good thing is that these are amazing for every imaginable budget. On top of that, the material is easy to wear and appropriate for both the workplace and the club. You will definitely want to get one or two of these to add to your wardrobe. If the checkered patterns are a bit much for you, then you can still accomplish a similar look with checkered accessories.


Low pointed heels have been popular in the 1960s and 1990s and guess what? They have reappeared and already seen on the runway. Many of us have a love/hate feeling and pet peeve about wearing uncomfortable high heels. So these lower heels will definitely be forgiving to our feet and in addition, they are incredibly stylish and fashionable. If you match them with a pencil skirt for the office or put them on with some Bermuda shorts, you will, no doubt, be embracing the spring season.

You can get an immediate sharp appearance with a crisp white button down shirt. This is the ideal solution to the days when you want to look clever, shrewd and fashionable, but sexy at the same time. You can also wear these pointed heels with jeans and a blazer or couple it with a peplum skirt. You will make a statement by having a structured look with an unstructured piece.

– watch for Part 2 tomorrow!


Summer Cover-Ups & Beach Dresses

Go From Beach to Street in these sexy must-haves!




Use Sunscreen!

Summer Sandals

Along with hot days and poolside fun, summer brings some of the sexiest styles, but some of those styles just don’t do everyone’s body justice. I love these summer flat sandals but a lot of the styles make our legs look large and stumpy and can create a really unflattering silhouette if worn wrong. I am here to help! I have a couple of tricks to keep in mind that you can stick to when picking out the perfect pair of sandals.

Watch what’s happening to the ankle: If there is too much action going on around the ankle, it can cut you off and give you the appearance of a larger leg, especially if you are short. Opt for a thin strap around the ankle if you have to have one at all.

Sling-backs are your friend: The most attractive sandal is a sling-back because it keeps that elongated look in the ankle but keeps the shoe from sliding off. When shopping, look for this style to be your “classic or go-to” sandal.

Platform problems: Most women don’t think about this very often but the heel of the sandal can have a major impact on the way a shoe will look on your leg. I have seen so many styles with a slight wedge and a thick strap up the front and around the ankle that will make even the leanest women look stocky, so please stick to flat sandals. If you would like a bit of a raised heel for comfort that is fine but keep in mind the shape and height.

Walk a while: When searching for the perfect summer sandal, walk around in them for a while – don’t just try it on and look in the mirror. If you spend some time in them you will start to get a feel for any areas that may rub or cause a blister. I can’t tell you how many times I buy a gorgeous shoe and this happens.

This style can be very sexy if done correctly, so do not be afraid to try new styles and designs!

6 Top Summer Sandal Trends

Just LOOK at these – and let me know what you think!

There’s nothing as electrifying as bright hues from head to toe. If you prefer just a pop of color, pair a vibrant shoe with neutrals.

Embrace the season’s tribal vibe with woven rope flats and bold ethnic prints. Slip on an earthy shift for effortless chic at weekend picnics or patio soirées.

Go for the gold—or the silver—with a metallic sandal. Just add sun-kissed skin and cool ivory shades to unleash your glam summer goddess.

Tall and naturally textured, these essentials add earthy elegance to everything—from jeans to high-powered suits. Ground an all-white outfit for a fresh, natural look.

Sky-high platforms with a sporty twist give preppy a posh edge. Reverse the effect and add playfulness to a prim-and-proper pleated skirt.

As versatile as your favorite blue jeans, denim-hued wedges do it all. Keep your cool with striped layers and a dark blazer, or be carefree in a boho maxi-dress.